Help Us Help Charities Do Great Things

Let’s make a difference together

A foundation designed to leverage other foundations to make a big difference for charities.

NEW NEWS!!!  Mars Family Foundation is funding the coolest website to help charities and people find a place to give back to make a difference! 

Mars Family Foundation is a support system for charities: we utilize our network, resources and experience to coach charities toward sustainability and success.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It Called the FISH TANK.

Everyone knows about the incredible show called Shark Tank.  It is a place where entrepreneurs go to get funding for their new ideas and new businesses.  We have the same idea of helping, but on a different scale.

We love helping charities so we created a new program called “Fish Tank” that is designed to put charities in front of giving people, businesses or foundations so they can be helped financially or with personal for their efforts to help others.

We are looking for Individuals, businesses or foundations that would like to get together in a fun environment to help others.  If you would like to join us for a Fish Tank event, please contact us!

Clothing Drives

We support charities that help families in need in our area with clothing and food drives.

Helping Families with Children with Special Needs

From creating very special beds for very special children to using our facility for closed family events…